Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hits4Pay is a VERY EASY program to work!
  • You will get email when there are ads to click on.
  • You just have to log and you will make on average 2 cents for 30 seconds.
  • You can also go directly to the site, sign in and find ads most days to earn money by a simple click.
  • There's a $10 sign-up bonus!
  • $25 payout AND THIS SITE DOES PAY as I have realized myself!
By getting your own referrals, you will earn 1 cent each for 2 levels of referrals' clicks on top of your earnings!.
In summary:
It is a good earning program paying as promised via PayPal.
Click here or on the banner above to sign up.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Market Samurai - My Advantage.

Some time ago I picked up this little program that I have found has really given me the edge on researching niche keywords to make my articles more search-engine friendly. Not only that, Market Samurai has proved to be a great tool for getting details of competitive, successful website pages so that I can get good ideas for improving on them.

There is lots more to Market Samurai than I can explain in this short blogpost, so it's probably best to check it out and test if for free, for yourself.  Click Here.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Earning Money from Writing.

For several years I have earned money from writing with Ciao which is a consumer site. My earning have been very good in the past, because I was writing 2-3 reviews a week. I have slowed down a little since then, but I have built up a long list of friends on Ciao, and I go there every day to check up on their reviews, that way when I write a review, they will check up on mine and rate them, which adds more to my earnings. (You get paid when other members read your reviews and rate them). Friends are easy to get on Ciao - you just click on a link to add them.

My ciao account linked to my bank account and once it reaches anything over £5 I can request payment which goes directly to my bank. £5 can be earned very quickly if you have a large friend list, so I leave mine until it reaches about £25. The amount I earn depends on what I write a review about and how detailed that review is. Computers and electrical goods are good to review about and many household things. Some members even write about cakes, biscuits, washing powders etc. I have written about vacuum cleaners, washing machines, video recorders and more.

I have recently added a small banner on the right of this blog which will take you directly to the sign-up page. If you sign up via this banner, you will be added to my friends list on Ciao, or alternatively you can click here. If you let me know, I will then be able to support you by reading and rating your reviews.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How to Make Money Using a Blog

Today I have been involved in a discussion about how to make money using a blog. At first I thought it would be just a one-sentence response, but it is amazing just how much I have learned over the years with all the blogs I have and posts I have made to them. Go here for full discussion(opens in a new window) and feel free to register on the forum and make your contribution too. I post on here under the name of derek_a.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Making Money: Go for it!

It seems that everybody has this dream of making a vast fortune on the Internet, but most are not willing to do what it takes. What it takes is effort and persistence, particularly when starting out on a new venture.

There is a paradox that happens on the Internet, and that paradox is... The more that you support others in making money, the more money you get to make yourself.

You need to be willing to work and support others. You need to be able to work as a team and when your doubting mind tells you that things don't seem to be working - and it does this with all of us - you will need persistence.

Personally, I have been through these barriers and I am now at last beginning to cash in on my past efforts. Commitment was the key for me and it stands to reason that it will be the key for anyone who really wants to make money.

Here's a place to start if you enjoy interacting with others... Get Paid for Making Friends. When you get sign up make me a friend, so that I can help you with anything you may not understand. I will do all I can to help you, because your success is my success. Earning will start immediately you make your first post, or respond to any of the thousands of posts that other users have made.

You can begin by writing down all the things that you think you can make a conversation with, and then just go for it! Put the discussions up on the site! If you are not sure of anything, contact me, and I will help you. Your posts don't have to sound wonderfully intelligent or even be very well written. It is the topic of conversation that other users will be attracted to not the clever way it may be written.

Once you get involved and understand the business, which shouldn’t take too long, you need to tell your friends, put your referral link on your blog, on myspace, youtube, or wherever it will be seen. Get yourself known around the Internet as best you can.